Thursday 7 July 2016

New Kitchen

In January 2016 we embarked on a 5 month building project, after a year and a half of planning. This involved living in our house with no boiler (no central heating or hot water - what a good idea to start the works in winter!!!), no access to our kitchen, no washing machine, two children, a massive hole in the back of the house during much of the build, lots of disruption and waaaay too much dust.

The back room as it was before we started

I can't say it has been easy. In fact, it was very difficult! It now seems like a distant memory and we have only had access to our new kitchen for two weeks. I 'm not sure how we managed, looking back; We used a temporary electric shower for hot water; we made a temporary kitchen in our lounge using our dining table as the worktop, with a microwave and a single induction hob on it (no oven and no sink!); and we put an electric heater in each bedroom and the lounge (the hallway and bathroom remained rather cold throughout!).

I don't know what I found the hardest during the whole build; the lack of kitchen; the large amounts of dust throughout the house; the piles of additional furniture in every room to free up the back of the house; or the fact that the build never seemed to end... Despite all the chaos, dust and upheaval, though, our daughters have been extremely patient and happy - I should learn something from them!

Once the extension was built and weatherproof (around 4 months in)

So, finally, 5 months on and we have a beautiful new kitchen, lots of worktop space and access to the garden. I don't think we used the ovens for the fist few days we had the kitchen - it felt like too much pressure! What do you cook for the first time after so long? Surely it has to be something special?! Surely you have to have a grand opening or something?! Our eldest took the pressure off with a suggestion for pastichio (a Greek dish, made with thick pasta, bechamel and meat, baked in the oven) and chocolate cake as our first family meal. So that's what we cooked on our first Saturday. It was delicious! But what was nicer was the fact that we could all sit around the table together again, with the added bonus of opening the doors to the garden for some almost al fresco dining.

On the first night the builders left

So was it worth it?! Yes, I think it was worth it, but funnily enough, not for all the new gadgets and fancy appliances (which are great, don't get me wrong), but for gaining a space that works for our family and that will make living in this house so much more pleasant and enjoyable! I am happy, though I am also a little worried about what silly project I will decide to take on next! I should just take a break...


  1. Love the new design!! It worth all your hard work and family efforts!

  2. Kudos for your two kids being so patient with this whole process! What a way to start out, you could've been living in a cave! Same thing, right? Those were some great ways to improvise just to make it somewhat livable during the winter. When I look at the finished product, I can't help but be impressed!

    Nathaniel Norman @ Sterling Works

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