Saturday 3 September 2011

Luardos - Whitecross Street Market

When you write about food all the time, you can often repeat yourself. A lot... I do apologise if any of you are starting to notice this, only a few months after my first post! So here goes the repetition: I love burritos! Since I stopped work and can't have them weekly any more, I dream about them weekly instead.

So I thought I would pay my husband a visit at work for lunch last Friday and we ventured to Whitecross Street Market. I had never been before and I was completely overwhelmed and excited by the variety and number of stalls there, but most of all, by the smells. I could smell bbq'ed meats, Thai curry, Indian curry and all sorts of other delicious things. But I had to focus. I was there for one reason and one reason only: Burritos from Luardos. I had read about this place in a few blogs and magazines and I wanted to check it out and compare it to my favourite burrito in London - Daddy Donkey.

When we arrived at the stall the queue was one of the longest on the street. 'Good start', I thought. If there are so many people willing to wait in the heat and waste their precious lunch break time, it must be good. We eventually got to the front of the queue and I started getting excited. I saw the menu; nice and simple. There were just four options - chicken, pork, steak or veggie. I ordered a chicken with extra guacamole for myself and a steak with guacamole for my husband.

Chicken burrito
Steak Burrito

I quickly took a few pictures of the 'construction' of the burrito and we rushed to a nearby park to consume the goods. We both bit into our respective burritos and a long satisfied 'mmmm' came out of our mouths. It was rather good. The steak was extremely tender and deliciously spiced. The chicken was also really tender though not as flavoursome. All together it was a very good burrito, but not as good as others I have had in London. It was a little lacking in overall flavour and tasted a little 'watered down'. It wasn't as rich as I would have liked. Having said that, the guacamole was fantastic and the burritos are cheaper than most other places I have been to in the UK.

What was left of the meal...

I will definitely be going back to Whitecross Street Market, but although I will return to Luardos, I will probably try a couple of other stalls first.

Pitch 39, Whitecross Street Market, EC1Y 8JL

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