Tuesday 30 October 2012

Winter is fast approaching!

Wow - Its been almost 3 months since I last blogged! That is bad, bad, bad! It puts a load of pressure on what this blog post should be about. I don't really know what to write about, is the thing. I mean, I am still cooking at home and have made a fair amount of quite delicious things, but there are not many pictures to record them.

I have also been lucky enough to have eaten out a fair amount in the last few months too - birthday here, anniversary there; they add up. In fact just last Saturday I went to 10 Greek Street with my husband for lunch. I hadn't heard too much about it, so didn't really know what to expect. The ambiance was lovely, the service was excellent and the food was good. It wasn't amazing, but it was very good and definitely worth the money. My date pudding, though, was amazing! Perfect for a freezing Saturday in London.

I do love Autumn - so many of my family's birthdays, anniversaries and occasions are in Autumn. That means that lots of cakes are consumed in Autumn. It is also the build up to Christmas, with the excitement, lights and hot chocolate and without the actually stress of the day. Autumn is just the perfect time for good quality snuggles on the sofa, while watching crappy films and the cold wind is hissing outside.

Talking of cold weather, I am having a little trouble deciding on things to cook and eat on rainy, cold, windy days in Nunhead... I basically just want to eat fatty, carby comfort food - mash, pasta, red meat and the like. I have no issue with eating all that, other than that I can't help but notice the lack in nutrients such a diet might offer me (I am becoming more conscious of the the fact I should be more careful now I am a mother - I am getting old!).

How do you get vitamins in during winter? I don't want to eat green salads this time of year, nor do I find them filling enough to be honest. I have come up with broccoli/cauliflower macaroni and cheese and the odd stir fry, but I have completely run out of ideas and inspiration about what else we could cook at home. Soup is also fine once a week or so, but it hardly fills me up either.

I think vitamin supplements will have to be my backup plan until the sun returns again in March 2013, unless you can suggest something?

Happy Winter!

Peckham Rye as captured by http://amazingness.com/blog/


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  1. Hello! I am excited to find out one thing, of course if that's not too much to ask could you please tell us where you grew up?