Monday 27 February 2012

Kathara Deytera - First day of Greek Lent

Today is a big day in Greece. It is the first day of Greek Lent after the carnival and it is also a bank holiday. Traditionally families gather together and fly kites and then sit down for a huge meal to celebrate the start of lent. This meal involves 'lagana' bread, a fairly flat bread, covered in sesame seeds, lots of taramosalata, prawns, octopus, calamari and maybe some halva for dessert. Or at least that's what I remember it being like, as I haven't spent 'Kathara Deytera' back home for 10 years now!

In Greek lent you are allowed to eat a variety of seafood (prawns, octopus, mussels, fish roe etc), as long as it is not actually fish! Something to do with containing blood, or a technicality like that. In any case, it makes for a delicious first feast in lent. Obviously no other animal products are allowed either, so it does make sticking to it for the whole lent quite tricky, especially as I love dairy so much. I think I have managed proper lent it once in my life and it really isn't easy!

Today I shall be enjoying some taramosalata with bread - no 'lagana' I'm afraid - and some prawns baked in a tomato and garlic sauce. Very simples, but that's all I could justify for my mini family of three. I hope my family in Greece is doing this day justice with some 'proper' food!

Anyway, Happy Lent to all and I 'll be blogging again soon with my meal at the Sportsman from last Friday! x

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