Thursday 15 March 2012

Breakfast at the Lido Cafe

Last Sunday, was a good day. Missy woke up at reasonable hour, the sun was shining and everyone was in a good mood - including myself! We decided that the good weather warranted a proper outing, as opposed to just our local park. I had heard of the Lido Cafe at Brockwell Lido from various people/magazines and decided this would be a good opportunity to try it out, along with a walk in the sun.

We left the house fairly promptly, so that we could fit it all in before the tiredness tantrums kicked in. We got to the park at 11ish and thought we would go in the cafe to reserve a table for a little later. It was packed! Absolutely full with families, young professionals, older professionals, dogs... You name it. We asked about a table and were told, very politely, that the reservations for the day had been taken, but that we could have a table in a few minutes if we wanted. We decided the food looked to good to risk not getting any, so we went to wait at the sofa for a table. My daughter was keen to explore, so I took her outside while my husband waited. It was delightfully warm outside, with the view of the Lido being painted! 'Maybe we should just ask for a table outside', I asked my husband. There were dogs there too, which meant that my daughter would be entertained for a little longer too - I really should get more organised and take more books for her when we go out!

We were shown to a table outside and ordered pretty promptly after that. I ordered the eggs Florentine, my husband the Full English with extra black pudding and my daughter the mushrooms on toast with roasted tomatoes. I also ordered an apple, banana and berry smoothie and a coffee for my husband. It all arrived pretty promptly, though the little one had already started getting a little impatient. As you can see, the pictures were a definite afterthought - we were all too eager to tuck in!

My eggs were absolutely delicious; perfectly cooked and nice and runny in the middle. The hollandaise sauce was gorgeously rich and everything on the plate was perfectly portioned. My husbands Full English was really good too, though I didn't get to eat much of it! What was outstanding was the Black Pudding - it was full of spices and herbs and melted in the mouth. The mushrooms were great too, and my daughter ate a surprising amount of them, considering there was also bread on her plate!

It was an extremely successful meal out, with excellent food and fantastic service (despite the fact it was so busy). We thoroughly enjoyed it - obviously helped by the weather and would go back anytime. I would like to go back and try their lunch and dinner menu too, by the way!

The Lido Cafe

Dulwich Road
Brockwell Lido
SE24 0PA
020 7737 8183

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