Friday 20 April 2012

Cooking - once again

I have some pretty exciting news; I 'm going to be cooking much more come May! I am going to be cooking alongside Jassy Davis of Gin and Crumpets in a local new cafe - The Dish and the Spoon, in Nunhead. Did I say that I 'm very excited? No? Well, I am!

I am really looking forward to enjoying cooking again. I won't have to worry about making too much noise while cooking, nor will I have to worry about tripping over a little pickle (to be clear, I mean my daughter, and not a stray gherkin), while trying to reach for the herbs. I will, once again, be cooking proper food for people to eat and, hopefully, enjoy!

The whole project is really quite exciting. Shona Chambers, the owner of The Dish and the Spoon, decided to open a family friendly cafe in Nunhead, at 61 Cheltenham Road. She is a local mother herself, and felt that there was a need for a family friendly cafe in the area, with good food and, crucially for parents and morning commuters, good coffee.

The coffee will be provided by Dark Fluid, to my husband's excitement, and the tea from Tregothnan. The menu is currently being developed by Jassy, based around British produce. The plan is to have a variety of delicious salads, tarts, soups and lots of cakes. Mmmm cake. I might end up eating all the cake! Only kidding...

Well, I thought I should let you know of my future plans in food. I, for one, am very happy about it all. I look forward to seeing some of you at the cafe and I'm sure I will keep the rest of you informed, if you can't make it to Nunhead for some reason. You can always follow me on Twitter @hungry_sylvia too for more updates!

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