Friday 10 August 2012

Still cooking

Yes, yes, I know. It has been aaaages again. I believe I have yet another excuse for you though; I am now working full time. For many reasons, mainly financial, I decided to stop cooking part-time at the Dish and the Spoon (though I learnt sooo much while I was there - mainly about baking!) and move to a full time position with Design Council. So I moved from one area I love; Food, to another; Design.

Going back full time has been easier than I expected in some ways, though I am starting to cumulatively miss my pickle! She is getting to a rather cute age at the moment too. Well, at least the time she is not having a strop for one reason or another! No, really, she is lovely! Lots of kisses and cuddles initiated by her - I am loving it.

Amongst all the changes, I now get less time to cook in the evenings. We still do quite a bit of cooking, but it is all fairly simple and time restricted. Last night we made Pissaladiere, following Rick Stein's recipe. My husband made the dough and everything! It was delicious, despite the fact that we only had one tin of anchovies and after tasting it we both decided that it needed a bit more of a hit. Pissaladiere is a southern French dish, similar to a pizza, in that it has a dough base, but then its covered in loads of lightly browned softened onions, anchovies (and anchovy paste according to the recipe, which we didn't have) and black olives. It is absolutely delicious, especially as a summer day's snack. I can imagine sitting on the veranda in Kefalonia eating this and sipping a nice cold beer. Sigh...

I am going to keep posting recipes, or at least attempting to. I may also start writing a bit more about random thoughts I have. I get to commute now, you see, which means I get much more time to think! It is rather nice, though a little overwhelming some times. I think too much!

I hope you are all having a great summer!

A picture of Kefalonia - what I am missing out on at the moment :(

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