Tuesday 25 February 2014

New Year, New Beginnings

It was almost three years ago that I started this blog. I did it to fill my time  and occupy myself while on maternity leave with my first daughter. Three years on I have another daughter. She was born at home on Christmas day - a Christmas day to remember!

I now no longer seem to have any time left to fill. If I get a few minutes spare they are spent tidying, sorting the house (we moved and are still renovating!) or just attempting to have a nap, which inevitably means that one or the other child will need me at that moment!

Having said all that, I do enjoy writing and I do enjoy cooking and so I will make more of an effort to keep this blog going. Especially as people actually seem to read it! I am going to commit myself now. I am cooking butternut squash risotto tonight. The recipe should be up in the next week or so... See you then!

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