Saturday 16 April 2011

Mother's Dumplings

This morning I decided to go to North Cross market in East Dulwich for a little family outing. One of my favourite stands there is Mother's Dumplings. They do lovely home made lunches - often involving dumplings as the name might imply... Today I went for the roast beef with salad and roast potatoes. It was rather delicious and at £4.50 the portion could almost feed 2!

It came with 4 different salads: Broccoli and chilli, lentil and artichoke, Moroccan carrots and wild rice. All absolutely delicious, though my favourite was the lentil and artichoke one. The beef was perfectly cooked, though it lacked slightly in flavour, and was served on top of a rocket, parmesan and pesto salad. The roast potatoes were absolutely yummy and I could have eaten a whole tray of them! All in all a pretty successful lunch box!

They are at North Cross market in East Dulwich every Saturday. This is their facebook page if you want to find out more:

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