Monday 11 April 2011

My first post - how exciting!

I have always loved food. Always! OK, so when I was little I didn't actually eat that much, but I still loved what I did eat. I even enjoyed blue cheese at the age of 10! When I came to the UK ten years ago I started discovering more about food with my then new boyfriend (now husband). We fell in love with each other and with food and its been like that ever since!

We just recently became parents and I have to say that my love for food had to go on hold for a while . Early pregnancy sickness and late pregnancy tiredness didn't allow for too much eating - though we did have two fantastic meals when I was five months pregnant at the Ledbury and Gauthier! I am only just getting back to grips with the idea of cooking and eating things other than cake and biscuits.

In this blog I intend to talk about delicious meals I get to enjoy out, as well as sharing ideas for quick and easy meals that other mums (or generally busy people!) can cook at home and eventually meals I will start preparing for my little one, once she is ready for solids. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and I hope to be able to continue writing it!

The hungry mama x

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