Tuesday 12 June 2012

The Best Souvlaki?

I just spent the last week or so in Greece and specifically in Lixouri - one of my favourite places in the world. It is definitely a sentimental thing, as its not really the prettiest town since it was struck by an earthquake in 1953... I usually go to Lixouri in late July/August, but this year the whole family descended there earlier for a lovely event; my brothers wedding!

The wedding itself was beautiful and there was plenty of food and drink to be had. It was actually my first 'proper' Greek wedding as an adult (my wedding was definitely not very Greek at all!). The setting was amazing, by the sea at dusk and the occasion made all the nicer.

The first dance - and what a dance!

Of course being in Lixouri also meant that I could pig-out on one of my favourite meals ever; Souvlaki at Adonis! In my opinion (and also my husband's, my younger brother's and a variety of other friends' and relatives') this is the best souvlaki to be had! I was in Kefalonia for 5.5 days and had souvlaki from Adonis 3 times...

First of all, they make their own pita! You don't get that in many places, so that alone makes it special. In fact, every time I order souvlaki, I also ask for a few plain pita's to go too. They are generous with the tzatziki, which adds moisture to the whole thing. And you will find a good helping of parsley in the souvlaki too, just to make it that bit fresher.

Pita with chicken and a side of fries and a pork kalamaki

I always order their pita with chicken gyro and the full works - 'gyro kotopoulo ap'ola, parakalo'! Adonis does pork gyro, but he doesn't actually do chicken gyro. Which means that what he does do instead is a grilled piece of chicken, chopped up finely. Just the thought of in is making me want to book a flight out. The full works in Kefalonia - every area has their own version - is pita, tzatziki, onions, tomatoes, meat (only pork or chicken, NOT lamb!) and fries.

When I was a teenager, before Adonis took over and it was called Sotiris, I used to order and eat 3 of these... I can now just about manage one and a bit. Shameful, but I am working on expanding my stomach just to be able to eat at least two of these in one go next summer! I know that many people with disagree with my opinion on the best souvlaki declaration- fair enough, really. But you should only do so if you have actually tried Adonis' souvlaki!

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  1. I have just returned from Kefalonia, we go every year in May for 2 weeks. I managed to eat lots of chicken souvlaki whilst we were there in the square in Argostoli. I was searching for a recipie for Beef Giouvetsi and came across your blog, your recipes are lovely and will help me keep Kefalonia in mind until we can go back again.
    Thank you for sharing them :)