Tuesday 12 April 2011

Some pictures of yummy food

When I was writing my first post yesterday I realised that I don't have many pictures of my recent meals in restaurants or at home – even though some are extremely memorable. The main reason for this is that I love food SO much, I would rather eat it asap, than take a picture of it. In any case, I thought I might upload some pictures of past meals,just to get the visual juices flowing a little and make my blog a little more interesting. 

So here are some examples of great food I had in the past year when I went traveling before the little one arrived. And I promise to make more of an effort with pictures from now on!

Cooking course in Thailand (March 2010).(Both pictures are of the food my husband prepared, as his was much more presentable than mine!)

Deep fried marinated prawns wrapped in rice noodles (the marinade was made with chilli, coriander root, lime and lemongrass I believe).
 Sweet and spicy seafood soup with prawns, squid, lobster and mussels.

San Fransisco travels in February 2010.

In-N-Out Burgers - otherwise known as the best burgers ever! Perfect ratio of filling to bun and just perfect all around! mmmm

One of my favourite restaurant dishes: mushroom porridge at Coi restaurant. It was so earthy and creamy and mushroomy, and rich, yet fresh with all the flowers and herbs.

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  1. Great blog. Looking forward to reading more. And eating lots. Melijan