Thursday 2 June 2011


This post will not be of great interest to most readers. But I did start this blog with the view that it would be aimed at ALL members of the family, and babies need to eat too! So I apologise in advance that this is not going to be a fantastic roast beef recipe, but instead I will talk about the tedious, to most, subject of baby weaning.

We have been going through a difficult week with the little one. Apparently it may be what is known as 'four month sleep regression', involving less sleeping in the day and at night, grizzly mood and a generally unsettled baby. Originally I thought she was just teething, so that got me thinking about eating and weaning and all the theories/ideas there are out there about it. I am currently still exclusively breastfeeding her, which amongst other things, is extremely convenient in terms of prepping food for her! So the idea of weaning is a little intimidating, but also very exciting!

Before I had her I was, for some reason, convinced I would start weaning a little earlier than recommended. But having her around, talking to specialists, other mums, reading forums and all the other things that new mums - often obsessively - do,  I decided I will most probably wait until she is 6 months old. UNLESS she shows extreme interest in food before then (trying to grab what we are eating for example)...

Still, 6 months is less than 2 months away and I still have to consider whether I will follow the baby led weaning or not, what that entails, what they are meant to eat at each stage of their development and so on and so forth! So much to consider! And what is the right choice?! Well I have to say that I change my mind every time I talk to someone about it! Baby led weaning is the most appealing option to me, though my OCD self is already freaking out at the idea of all the mess it might cause.

Basically, baby led weaning, from what I have understood, is when you give the baby what you are eating, without pureeing and the baby learns how to chew, before it learns how to swallow food. The idea appeals to me mainly because it might make meal time more interactive and fun. It also appeals to the food lover in me, that she might become more open to trying different foods - I am petrified she might become a fussy eater! But if you are giving a  baby some of your food to hold and feed themselves, the majority of it will end up on the table (if you are lucky), on the floor, in their ears and a variety of other strange places!

I will keep you posted on what happens and will obviously have to start considering recipes that will be baby friendly - no salt, spices etc...Anyway, this was just a brief post to lay out my initial ideas about weaning and also even attract some opinions/ideas from you. Off to feed the little one now. Night night...

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