Tuesday 26 July 2011

Salmon 'Keftedes' with Guacamole (BLW)

I generally tend to think about food a lot! I had lost this skill a little, while pregnant and definitely for the first month or so after having my daughter, but now its back with a vengeance! I love to plan my meals. In the morning when I wake up I think of my lunch (and breakfast too on the weekends!). During the day I start focusing more on dinner and then proceed to plan meals for a few weeks ahead! By night time I am dreaming of whole menus that could nicely fit around the meals I have already planned.

Now there is an extra person to plain meals for too. In fairness we are trying to have the same meals, but for the first few weeks I want to make her transition to solid food exciting, but easy... Not too many strong flavours and definitely have to be easy textures. It is fun to try and come up with ways I can introduce her to as many things as I can think about. This time it was fish and specifically salmon. I was thinking what the best way would be for her to be able to pick the fish up and feed herself. I thought 'keftedes' (meaning food 'balls' in Greek) would be a good way of trying fish along with some potato. The guacamole was just a little extra to use up the avocados I had, but I think it worked really well together.

Serves 2 (plus a mini person)
250g fillet of salmon (skinned and boned)
2 large potatoes (boiled or baked)
1 egg
1 tsp of finely chopped coriander
ground pepper
2 tbs of flour
2 tbs of olive oil

2 avocados
squeeze of lime

for the garlic Mayonnaise
two tbs of ready mayonnaise
1/4 finely chopped chili
1/2 finely chopped garlic

Mash the flesh of the cooked potatoes. In the meantime cook the salmon with a few springs of coriander (I steamed it in the Microwave for 3 minutes on full power). Flake the fish into the potato (make sure there are no bones) and add the egg. Mix together and add the chopped coriander and some ground pepper. Roll the mixture into small balls and lightly cover in flour. Fry on a medium heat in olive oil on all sides, till lightly golden and cooked through (around 7 minutes). For the guacamole, mash the two avocados and squeeze some lime into them. For the adults add the chili, garlic and pepper to the mayonnaise and serve with the keftedes and avocado.

Make sure that the keftedes are not too hot when you serve to baby. I cut hers in half before serving to make sure - though I think this made it harder for her to eat them, as she squished them in her very strong hands! Overall she seems to have enjoyed the flavours and I think almost half a keftes was actually swallowed!

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