Tuesday 12 April 2011

Lentil and goats cheese salad

My dinner tonight took 25 minutes from start to finish (not including the 3 minutes it took to take the pictures!). 

I washed and boiled the lentils for 20 min with some oregano, tiny bit of chili, bay leaf and some pepper.  While they were boiling I washed the rocket and the tomatoes and then I just put it all in a bowl together while grilling the goats cheese for a few minutes. I then drizzled with some balsamic and olive oil and served with an olive grissini or any other bread you might like. Slat and pepper to finish and eat while still warm. 

It was the healthiest meal I 've had in a few days and was rather tasty too.


  1. It would be great if you can post the specific measurements and how many people you're cooking for. Thank you! Great photographs btw.

  2. Point taken and I shall be more specefic from now on with my recipes. As for this salad: If I were to cook the salad for 4 people I would boil 250 grams of lentils and use a whole bag of rocket or salad leaves (150-200 grams), 4 tomatoes chopped or around 20-30 cherry tomatoes halved. I love cheese, so could have 100grams (big wedge) for myself, but add according to taste. Hope this helps! :)