Friday 13 May 2011

And we are back!! - Ntako/Panzanella Salad

After a few days of the 'Blogger' not working properly and me not being able to upload anything, I am finally back - with a salad!

So this one is a very simple salad inspired by the Cretan Ntako salad, but I had no actual Ntako (a hard, dried bread-like thing!), so instead I used stale bread I had left in the house, hence the Panzanella reference... This salad is a great one for the summer - very easy, fresh and tasty and great for sharing. 

Serves 4 as a starter or side salad

half a small stale loaf or 3-4 ntako slices
4-5 plum tomatoes or equivalent amount of cherry tomatoes (I find cherry tomatoes often taste better in the UK)
olive oil
feta or any other white cheese (goats cheese can work, mozzarella is great and I used anthotiro this time)
oregano or fresh parsley or basil (depending on the cheese you have used: oregano with feta, parsley with goats cheese, basil with mozzarella)

Chop up the bread in cubes (if your using ntako, break it up and briefly soak in water to soften a little). Chop up the tomatoes and add to the bread. Crumble the cheese over and then dress with olive oil, salt and pepper. Finally sprinkle the herbs over the salad. I sometimes squeeze a tomato over the bread or ntako, so that they absorb even more juices and flavour.

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