Friday 13 May 2011

Leftover dinner - scrambled eggs

I have a tendency to use up leftovers and make up recipes as I go. I think my whole family does actually... I 've decided to avoid naming some dishes as exact 'recipes' from now on, because they should be used as guidelines, depending on what you have available in your home! I also have an issue with calling things something that they are not... 'Greek' Mousakas made with minced lamb and a feta cheese and yoghurt topping is an example: Mousakas in Greece is made with minced beef. Just because Greeks have a reputation of eating lots of lamb does not mean that everything is made with lamb! And don't get me started on the use of feta in 'Greek' recipes! Anyhow, its not just Greek food. Lasagna made with tortilla sheets and red peppers, also comes to mind amongst other things! Its fine to use recipes as guidelines, but don't call it something its not!

In any case, enough with the rant! Last night I made myself a lovely leftover dinner. I had some eggs, cream cheese in the fridge and some smoked salmon, so I made creamy scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on a leftover toasted tortilla. I recently discovered that adding cream cheese to scrambled eggs makes them pretty rich and lush! I just beat the eggs with a tablespoon of cream cheese, salt and pepper and then fry on low heat, while constantly stirring, till at the consistency you like them. I like mine pretty runny. At the last minute I add chopped smoked salmon and stir through. I imagine a little chives would have done wonderfully, but I didn't have any, and buying more ingredients for a 'leftover' dinner defeats the purpose of using things up! Anyway, this was a pretty yummy leftover 'recipe' and there will be plenty to follow - not to worry!

PS. There is no picture for this one, as scrambled eggs photographed at home with bad lighting can look a little unappetising...

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